Established in 1999 by a few ambitious technology focused business entrepreneurs living in the Maritimes, our mission hasn’t changed since our inception: Make life Easier for Web Developers.

Over the years we’ve realized that we will never be the biggest nor the cheapest hosting provider you will find but we do very well because we do web hosting better.

We are 100% Canadian, that means all our datacenters, servers and cloud data backups are all right here in Canada.

Our support is Canada based.

Our History

From the beginning we’ve done things a little differently, instead of spending money on ads our founders believed it was more important to support our community.

Although we never set out to be the world’s biggest hosting provider; slowly but surely we’ve grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most trusted providers of Canadian based hosted solutions.

We are convinced that growth is as a result of to our commitment to extraordinary customer support and a genuine passion to environmental responsibility.

We understand that what our customers are looking for is good value but not at the expense of poor support.

Our definition of good value means a high quality service provided for a reasonable fee.

We take pride in knowing that once you’ve done your due diligence and checked out our real reviews you will see that we have the highest customer satisfaction rates as compared to anyone in the industry.

We are always looking to have exceptional people who understand that being customer focused is core to our business philosophy join our team.

Over the years we’ve also acquired several small hosting companies so if you are looking to sell your web hosting company we would love to hear from you.

Our Culture

For many of our partners & clients we become the one stop shop for all things server related; that now more recently is being called “Dev Ops”.

The way we see it, although the terminology for it may come and go what we do is understand how important it is for our customers to place their trust in us when it comes to helping them manage IT infrastructure and services required to run a successful modern organization these days.

In many cases we are like an extension of your own team.

Our clients tell us that they are happy to find a partner to help them better manage and take care of all the non-core “hosting” aspects their business because in most cases, most people really don’t like it all that much. Some may call us weirdos but we truly love it!