Spam Emails

Receiving unwanted spam emails can be extremely frustrating, especially if you do not know how spammers sourced your email address. In this post we will discuss the 6 steps you can take to avoid receiving spam emails.

1. Do Not List Your Email Online

Since your website is available to the public, so is all the data you post. If you post your email address, spammers can add it to their database. Most spammers will grab your email address using a crawler. Once your email address is in their database, it is extremely tough to remove.

Problem: Below are some examples of emails which are publicly listed online:

Email Publicly Listed 2Email Publicly Listed


2. Use a Contact Form On Your Website

Contact Form 7


Most WordPress themes come with a contact form included on a contact page. If your theme does not include a contact form, we recommend using Contact Form 7.

Using a contact form is great for 3 reasons:

  1. Your email address is not publicly listed.
  2. You can install Captcha to reduce spam bots.
  3. You can customize your form fields to collect important information.


3. Unsubscribe When Possible



When you sign up for new websites and services, your email is usually added to that brand’s email database. Sometimes brands will add you even if you opted out of email marketing and updates. Unsubscribing from their email database will remove your email from future email marketing campaigns, and clean up your inbox. Most email marketing campaigns have an “unsubscribe” option in the footer, as seen here:


4. Improve Your Spam Filter

It is extremely difficult to keep your email completely private on the internet. Chances are, if you have an email address, you are receiving spam. Setting a strict spam filter can help you filter unwanted spam directly into your junk mail folder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Google
  2. Outlook


5. Use Your Email Client To Block Unwanted Senders

Report Spam


Mailbox providers are aware of ongoing spam issues, and as such, have created smart mailboxes that learn how to identify spam. You can help train your mailbox to identify spam that has beat your spam filter. To do so, simply mark any spam mail in your inbox as spam. Your inbox will then mark similar emails as spam in the future. Here’s how to mark mail as spam: