WordPress Plesk Glasses on a workspace

WordPress is a fantastic way to manage content for your website as an entry level CMS. Unfortunately in recent years WordPress has become a target of hackers due in no small part to it’s popularity. In most cases the culprit is WordPress Plugins that are poorly coded or are not properly updated. We’ve seen this trend emerge and offer our clients unique features you won’t find elsewhere including:

  1. Anti-hack Protection – We continually scan our servers with advanced technology looking for known exploits. If we find one, we proactively remove it for you (and let you know).
  2. Advanced Automation – We use the latest and greatest version of the Plesk control panel system. It’s unique in that it enables our clients to Install & automatically update WordPress AND many of the popular WordPress Plugins as well.
  3. Free Backups – Every night we backup every website we host for 30 days – In the case where your site were to be compromised we can go back in time and with some luck find a version of your site that can be restored.
  4. Blocking Hack Bots – We have software on all of our servers that looks for what is called “Brute Force Hacking” and when it’s identified we ban requests from those sources.
  5. Expert Help – In the worst case scenario when you just need sone expert advise we’ve helped many clients find the resources they need to resolve their issues (often on a very short timeline) so that business continuity is maintained.