WordPress Plesk Glasses on a workspace

We can’t say enough about how well Plesk has been integrating the management of WordPress into its platform and the Launch of their new WordPress Toolkit 2.0 has some awesome features you are going to want to know about and use!

Plesk Clone Website WordPress


Sync Plesk WordPress Website


We think the biggest new feature is the Clone & Sync tools for WordPress. Not only does this virtually eliminate the need to manual WordPress migrations ever again but it also means you won’t need to install any 3rd party plugins to do your WordPress migration either.

This makes managing the WordPress workflow so easy there is now no excuse to not use a staging area!

If you are not familiar with the benefits of using a staging enviroment have a look at our previous blog post on the subject here:  How to make wordpress staging area using plesk

This feature is unique to Plesk at this point and we’ve rolled it out on all of our shared hosting servers so you can get started using it right away! Here’s a short demo video of how it works.