How to choose high quality WordPress plugins

1. Where Can You Find Reliable and Secure WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugins?

Wordpress’ greatest strength compared to other CMS options, is its vast library of available plugins, which you can use to expand and enhance the functionality of your website. Before you install WordPress plugins, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you select a plugin which is reliable and secure.

Where can you find WordPress plugins?


2. Why Do You Need a Plugin?

This step will save you and your web developer headaches down the road. Before you put anything into motion, it’s best to start with the vision of what you want to accomplish and work back to find the plugin that fits that need. It’s exciting to look through all the interesting plugins on and pluck out everything that catches your eye, but this usually leads to unnecessary website bloat, leading to slower load times for your website visitors and potential security issues. If you have trouble matching your needs to a plugin, consult a web developer to help translate your vision into the technical requirements of what you want to achieve.


3. Choose a Secure WordPress Plugin

A poorly coded, or out of date, plugin is one of the first things a malicious actor will look for when they scan for vulnerabilities. One of the easiest ways to prevent data breaches or malware injections on your website is to make sure that your plugins are up to date. A plugin which has not had any updates in months/years, has a good chance of putting your site at risk. Be sure to pick popular, well supported plugins from developers that update frequently. If a plugin does have a vulnerability, it is more likely to be fixed quickly if there are many active users.

This plugin is safe:

Safe Plugins


This plugin is not safe:

Not Safe


4. Choose a Reliable WordPress Plugin – Read The Reviews

You’ve found a plugin that does what you need, and it’s updated frequently. Look at the reviews tab of the plugin page. Are the negative reviews well thought and concise, pointing out flaws in the plugin or bad behaviour on the part of the developer? If so, it’s a great idea to consider a more favourably reviewed plugin. If the positive reviews are detailed and specific, and issues are replied to by the developer, then you’ve likely found a great plugin.

This Plugin has good reviews:

Good Reviews


This Plugin has bad reviews:

Bad Reviews WordPress Plugin


5. Test Your Plugin

If you’ve settled on a plugin, it’s time to test it before putting it into production. Have your web developer load the plugin into a staging environment and try to use the new functions with your website. If the plugin appears stable after having been put through its paces, you’re almost at the end of your journey! Have your web developer put the plugin into production and you’re off to the races.


Some Plugins With Our Stamp of Approval

We work with 1,000’s of websites, and have come to know which plugins work well, and which plugins break your site. Even worse, some bad plugins will inject malware into your site.



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