Thanks to Riley MacIsaac (Designer/Developer) Charcoal Marketing (one of our trusted partners) for making this awesome guest blog post on how to use GIT integrated with PLESK on our shared hosting accounts.

Using Git with Dynamic Hosting Shared Hosting

  1. Login to your Shared Hosting with Dynamic Hosting (knowledgebase link)
  2. Under “Websites & Domains” navigate to the domain of choice and you will see an extension called “Git” it looks like this:Using git
  3. Open the Git Extension
  4. From this point you can choose to use Remote Git hosting (Github or Bitbucket), or use a Local repository. I find it simpler to use the former option and link to my git repo.Use git with Plesk
  5. You will need a link for your Remote Git repository. Login to your git account and go to your desired repository and click the “Clone or download” button. Copy the link it gives you, I use the SSH option rather than the HTTPS.Use git Plesk 3
  6. Go back to your plesk and paste the link you just copied into text input. You will be presented with an SSH public key which can be a little bit confusing at first but it is actually quite simple. We basically need to copy and paste this SSH key and add it to our Git profiles SSH keys.Step 6
  7. Navigate back to git and press your profile picture up on the top right and go to settings. On the left hand navigation, select “SSH and GPG keys” and press the “New SSH key” button.
  8. This will open up a place to add your project title and the SSH key we copied. I usually call my titles “Site name Dynamic” where Site name is replaced by your websites name. After adding the title, simply paste the SSH key you copied into the Key input and then press Add SSH Key.Step 8
  9. Go back again to Dynamic and we are almost done. On the right hand side of the Git page you will see a place to edit your website information. Here we can choose how our project is deployed, and where it is deployed. My personal preference is “Manual deployment” and the default “httpdocs” directory.Step 9
  10. Once these settings are configured, simply press “Ok” and everything should be configured. You will be brought to a list of your repo’s and can from there Deploy from your Git repo.Use git Plesk 4
  11. Your Done!