Calgary Dedicated Server Hosting

We’re very proud of our Calgary heritage and that we’ve been providing customers with dedicated server products since 2003 located right downtown on 8th Ave in the Sears Watermark tower building. This location was chosen for three crucial factors:

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  1. Power: located at the nexus point between 2 city electrical grids so that in addition to the redundant diesel generators it has the best electrical connectivity in the city. Remember the flood in 2013? we never had a minute of downtime.
  2. Speed: All major carriers connect at this point so we are directly connected to the main backbone of the internet as a result.
  3. Security: With all the requirements to exceed Tier 3 certification (24/7 on premise monitoring, man traps entry, cameras, 2-factor ID, and more) it’s one of the most physically secure locations in all of Calgary (walk through tours can be arranged if required).

Servers available at this location now:

In addition to providing new dedicated server products we also have a wide array of Cloud Solutions, and Shared Hosting Products available that are hosted in the Calgary facility. Here are a lost currently available servers that can be procured immediately:

Receive a 10% discount for paying annually!


  CPU Cores CPU Speed Memory
Location ON SALE NOW! Count
Dilbert 4 2.4 GHz 8GB
2X 200GB SSD Drives! $119.95 CAD Calgary $89.95
1 buy-btn
Beetlejuice 2X6 3.3-3.6 GHz 40GB  4 X 450GB @15K $359.95 CAD Calgary $259.95 CAD 1 buy-btn

Needs something similar to the above? Give us a call, we can modify &

upgrade the above servers to better fit your needs.