Canadian Dedicated Server

Canadian Dedicated Hosting
All of our servers are located in Canada!

Security & performance drivers often result in dedicated servers being selected as the best choice for many high performance infrastructure solutions. We offer a wide array of dedicated hosting solutions from highly available websites to private clouds and encourage you to contact our sales department so that working with you we can custom tailor your solution and get you the best deal possible as hardware prices change on a weekly basis. All of our dedicated servers are hosted in one of our professionally managed Canadian data centers in: Calgary, Alberta,  Halifax, Nova Scotia, & Vancouver British Columbia.

We offer an additional 10% discount on the
prices below for customers who pay annually

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  CPU Cores CPU Speed Memory
Location ON SALE NOW! Count
Poseidon 2X6 2.8-3.2 GHz 64GB
2X 500GB @7.2K
$240.95 CAD  Vancouver $199.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Bender 4 3.1-3.5 GHz 16GB
500GB @7.2K $159.95 CAD Vancouver $139.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Davos 4 3.1-3.5 GHz) 16GB
500GB SSD Drive Included!  $179.95 CAD  Calgary $159.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Garbanzo 4 2.66 GHz 16GB 2X 750GB @7.5K
+SSD upgrade
$129.95 CAD Vancouver $109.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Hodor 4 2.66 GHz 16GB
2X 300GB @15K
+SSD upgrade
$144.95 CAD Calgary $124.95 CAD  1 buy-btn
Joffrey 2X6 2.4-2.9 GHz 64GB 8X 7TB @7.2K $479.95 CAD Vancouver $359.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Stannis 6 2.5-3.0 GHz 16GB
4X 500GB @7.2K $344.95 CAD Halifax $259.95 CAD  1 buy-btn
Sparrow 6 2.8-3.2 GHz 12GB 4X 300GB @15K $309.95 CAD Halifax $219.95 CAD 1 buy-btn
Iceberg 4 2.13 GHz 4GB
2X 500GB @7.2K $184.95 CAD Halifax $129.95 CAD  2 buy-btn

All of our dedicated hosting clients are eligible to receive our industry leading 99.999% uptime guarantee.

* Please allow up to one business day for a server contract to be sent to you. Your server will be ordered upon receipt of initial payment and may take up to 15 business days to be setup.