Tier 3 Data Centres & Enterprise connectivity.

There are some areas of IT infrastructure where you can economize by going with a cheaper option, but base infrastructure isn’t one of them. That’s why we offer advanced IT infrastructures for Web Hosting Vancouver and Web Hosting Halifax.

Low Latency

• Vancouver to Calgary → 13.6 ms (1 hop)
• Calgary to GTA → 49.4 ms
• GTA to Halifax → 22.3 ms (1 hop)
• Halifax to London UK → 61.3 ms (1 hop)
• Halifax to Boston → 8.2 ms
• Halifax to NYC → 13.3 ms (1 hop)

Power Distribution

• Tier III Design Certified facilities
• Physically segregated power and cooling systems (2N In-line UPS system)
• UPS, switchgear, control systems, and multiple backup diesel generators
• 24/7 On-site monitoring, technical and logistical support

100% Renewable Powered

All of our Canadian web hosting servers are 100% carbon neutral. By buying carbon credits from Bullfrog Power, we help the environment stay clean by burning less fuel and using the wind to our advantage.

Layers of Redundancy

We Leverage multiple upstream data and internet connections to Tier 1 carriers and providers. Each with UPS, switchgear, control systems, and multiple backup 800 kW diesel generators & dry-pipe pre-action fire suppression systems with floor leak and heat detectors.

100% Canadian

We take great care to ensure that all of our Data centres assets and network reside in entirely within Canada. As a result we are not subject to the Patriot Act in or any other legislation outside of Canadian jurisdiction in an way.


Many of our clients require certification status for PCI/DSS, SSAE16 & PIPEDA. As a result we maintain standards & reporting for all of the infrastructure we manage so that our clients easily pass those requirements.

Having started out in Halifax has given us one very significant advantage; We are on the hub of the shortest undersea direct fibre connect to Europe from North America. In fact Halifax has multiple direct fibre to New York and England (Bristol & London). That combined with the connectivity we manage across Canada all the way to Vancouver gives us complete coverage of Canada no matter where you may happen to be.

Vancouver Data Center Information:

  • Location: 1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1K8
  • Direct access to 20+ unique networks
  • A+B UPS & N+1 generators
  • N+1 chilled water cooling
  • Around-the-clock security guards, HID access, biometric & CCTV
  • Access to the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX)
  • Test ping IP:
  • Test 100 MB file: Download Test

Halifax Data Center Information:

  • Location: 7071 Bayers Rd. Halifax, NS B3L 4P3
  • Direct fiber access to Europe and the USA
  • Back-up Generator: N + 1 Generation
  • Construction: Raised Floor / carrier grade
  • Fire Protection: Pre-action fire suppression system
  • Climate Control: Redundant HVAC capacity
  • Security Features: Pin-pad & RFID; motion-sensing cameras
  • Test ping IP:
  • Test 100 MB file: Download Test

Reliable Canadian WordPress Hosting

24/7 Canadian Based Support

We staff our phones 24/7 because we know you don’t do the regular 9-5 thing either. We will respond immediately that we received your ticket and follow up within an hour after that (typically less).