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Email Done Right that won’t blow your budget

Email has become a total nightmare for many organizations these day. If you only have a couple emails and if the occasional bounce-back messages are acceptable then Shared hosting is likely a good bet, it’s cheap (included in most hosting accounts you can buy these days) and works for the most part. The problem is once you have 10 or more emails shared hosting isn’t always a great fit for one big reason:

A shared IP means when any site on your server sends out spam the IP gets blacklisted and you start to get bounce backs!

So what’s the solution? some people are looking to Google and Microsoft but at $5+ per month that gets expensive quick. There is an alternative, running a dedicated email server on a VPS with all the professional grade anti-Spam and anti-virus add-ons. We have a number of clients who do this now and it seems like it’s a growing trend. here’s why:


Email Addresses10306090
Google / O365 $50
($65 CAD)
($195 CAD)
($390 CAD)
($586 CAD)
~ OR ~
Suitable VPS19.9564.9599.95149.95
Spam Assassin freefreefreefree
Premium Anti-Virus$14.95$14.95$14.95$14.95
Total$44.85 $89.85$119.85$169.85
Monthly Savings:$20.15
( > 31% )
$90.15 +Exchange Rate Savings
( > 69% )
$5.15 +CAD savings
( > 10% )
$5.15 +CAD savings
( > 10% )
Anual Savings$241$1,262$3,242$4,994



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