The #1 reason for most of the issues is that having a Shared IP means when any site on your server sends out spam the IP gets blacklisted and you start to get bounce backs! Here’s the solution:

Dedicated Canadian Email Hosting

We’ve noticed a trend with our customers that once an organization has 15 or so email accounts some of the inherent problems with hosting email on a shared hosting server becomes apparent and often problematic for effective business use.

Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 are good solutions but at $5 or more per user per month it can get unreasonably expensive very quickly. We’ve found that our customers who run a dedicated email server on a VPS with all the professional grade anti-spam and anti-virus add-ons is an excellent solution that is reliable, scaleable, and cost effective. Here’s what it looks like:

Team SMB Business Enterprise
Email Storage Space 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB
Our Price $59.95 $89.95 $129.95 $179.95
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
~ as compared to ~
Comparing Google Apps / Office 365 35 70 100 150
(@ $5 USD per account or more) $231
in CAD
in CAD
in CAD
in CAD
Monthly Savings $172.05 $339.05 $530.05 $810.05
( 545% ) ( 60% ) ( 63% ) ( 65% )
Annual Savings $2,053 $4,068 $6,360 $9,720

Included Benefits

Security Patching & UpdatesEvery 2 weeks without fail we will download, test, and install patches to the server and if there is an emergency update, we will apply that within 24 hours.

No Vendor Lock In – Everything is industry standard, so if you wanted to, you could move your data anywhere without a lot of friction.

Truly Scaleable – Adding disk space, RAM, or CPU takes a matter of mere seconds to procure and the rates are very reasonable.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is built-in – We backup your data every night for 90+ days by default. If you need more, you can add weekly remote offsite data storage with a click of a button or the ability to save your data for 7+ years to meet your compliance needs.

Available Upgrades

Advanced “Magic Spam” (Spam Assassin is included with the base package) $14.95/mo
Offsite Data Backup (20GB) (R1Soft Powered ) $19.95/mo
Offsite Data Backup (100GB) (R1Soft Powered ) $49.95/mo
Offsite Data Backup (20GB) (R1Soft Powered ) $89.95/mo
7+ Year offsite cold data storage $0.20/GB/mo
Plesk 100 domain license $14.95/mo
Plesk Unlimited domain license $29.95/mo
Plesk Premium Anti-Virus $14.95/mo