Fix My Website Lifesaver Program

If your website is broken, hacked, or just a disaster in general we may have the solution for you.

Having been in the hosting business for over 17+ years, our team has seen it all. One of the things we do best is help customers out of sticky situations where others just simply can’t (or won’t), Our specialty is making everything easy and connected for you all in one place with one number to call! (Toll Free 1.866.567.8464) and in just a few minutes we will run some tests and tell you if we can help, typically by doing things like this:

In the meantime, here are a few of the tools of the trade we use to figure out what’s gone wrong:

• Is my site Down ? –>
• Is my site hacked ? –>
• Is the IP of my website banned ? –>
• Domain & DNS provider & more –>
• Is it a server or coding issue ? –>

Website Tune-Up: $129/hour

24/7 Canadian Based Support

We staff our chat 24/7 because we know you don’t do the regular 9-5 thing either. We will respond immediately that we recieved your ticket and follow up within an hour after that (typically less).