We take green web hosting in Canada very seriously. Today most web hosting providers are environmentally conscious and responsible.

We Started a Trend in 2004

Back in 2004 things were a little different in that regard. If you were keen on the environment and looking for ways to promote the future vision of renewable energy even then there were ways to do the right thing. In our case, our founders were familiar with the the Pembina Institute who were doing very innovative things at the time by helping fund the construction of wind turbines in Pincher creek Alberta. We were part of that initiative that later evolved into the BullFrog Power Organization that we continue to support to this day. We offset 100% of our power consumption by purchasing carbon credits.

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog’s green electricity comes exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro facilities that meet or exceed Environment Canada’s EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. Bullfrog also invests directly into new green power production facilities to bring more renewable power onto the grid. Some of Bullfrog’s investment projects include the Ferndale Wind Farm near Lionshead, Ontario, and the Ravenswood Wind Farm near Grand Bend, Ontario, both operated by Sky Generation, and the Oldman River Wind Farm in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Our Commitment to Environmentally Friendly, Green Web Hosting

We’ve always been committed to environmental sustainability in everything we do. From buying the more expensive lower power consumption servers to business cards printed on recycled stock, we are serious about being a “green web hosting company”. If trusting that the companies you choose to do business with are truly environmentally conscientious and responsible, you can trust that we will make ethical choices and do business with companies that have the same values.

Be Proud To Use a Green Web Hosting Provider

We encourage our customers to proudly show how they too are doing their part when they choose to support us by posting this logo on their site: