The promise of cloud computing is very compelling for most businesses. It delivers flexibility & scalability as well as a pay for use utility model, ensuring that you’ll get exactly the infrastructure you need when you need it. That being said, the hidden risks to your organization are a concern that smart decision makers are well aware of. Unproven platforms, inexperienced providers, insecure architectures, unexpected costs – the list of potential risks is not something to be taken lightly.


Virtualization or Managed Private Cloud from Dynamic Hosting is the reliable, scalable and secure. A VMware Hosting based solution, your Managed Private Cloud resides on a customized enterprise grade infrastructure dedicated solely to you. It delivers the right blend of proven infrastructure and advanced virtualization features, enabling you to leverage all the flexibility of cloud computing while avoiding all the risks.

Our Approach is to provide a solution, not a product

After designing a number of Cloud solutions for our clients we’ve noticed a common trend, as a result we’ve created this all inclusive package designed to make the transition to cloud technology as smooth as it can be:

____Complete Managed Cloud Solutions

Otherwise, we are happy to work with your team to fully understand your goals & objectives and then develop a comprehensive solution with the following array of products:

____Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
____Virtual Machines (VM) VMWare servers
____Managed Services Plans
____OpenStack Cloud Servers, Cloud storage, & SDN
____Remote Data Backup / Disaster Recovery Planning

Please feel free to contact us so that one of our experienced cloud solution architects can help you design a custom solution specific to your needs.