Canadian WordPress Hosting
Shared Hosting

Most Websites on the internet use this type of hosting

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Typically used for sites with peak demand spikes
(as more resources can be added on the fly)

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Managed VPS Turn-Key Cloud Packages

This is a great option for anyone looking to test the waters for learning how to leverage truly scalable Cloud Infrastructure

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Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting

Typically used for larger sites where load is higher than average

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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This is often confused with VM hosting but it is very different in that it provides aspects like open API’s, SDN, & NFE so that you can effectively use it as a virtual data center.

Owncloud hosting in Canada
OwnCloud File Sharing

Typically used by organizations who want to have Dropbox type file sharing but require that their data not be on a shared platform or outside of a geographic area

Cloud Storage / Data Backup

This is most often used by organizations who want to mitigate risks associated with catastrophic failure of a server or data center

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Cloud Email Solution

Organizations with more than 30 users often find that they need a more effective email solution as compared to having it on a shared environment

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Server Management

Very helpful if you don’t have a sysadmin, where we do all the security patching, updates, and general configuration for you

Buy Microsoft SPLA licenses online
Microsoft Licences 

Here you will find an array of Microsoft Licenses delivered via their SPLA program (for hosting providers like us)

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Server Monitoring

Advanced (multi-node) monitoring of any metric you need to track (Powered by: Zabbix)

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Website Tune-Up

Increase Speed, Security, & make it more search engine accessible.

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Life Saver Program

Sometimes you inherit a giant mess, we can help you sort it all out

Domain Registration

We sell domains at our cost and have all the hard to find Canadian provincial TDL’s as well (including: .ns.ca / .bc.ca etc.)

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SSL Certificates

Used to encrypt traffic while in transit

Canadian DNS Hosting
Premium Canadian DNS Hosting

Our multi-node DNS Cloud has nodes across Canada that sync up automatically so your DNS never goes offline!