WordPress Performance

We specialize in making our servers optimized for WordPress, here’s how:


High-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy. It’s known for its ability to be very high performing that makes your website typically 50% to 150% faster!

Gzip Compression

This reduces response times by reducing the size of the HTTP response.

Browser Caching

Every time your browser loads a page it has to download all the files to display it. This technology makes it so that your browser remembers those files so your site is much faster!


As soon as a great technology like this is available we implement it so that you can benefit from it without delay.

WordPress Security

WordPress out of the box has some security challenges, that’s why we’ve introduced the following security measures most others don’t!

Malware Scanning

Every night we scan our servers to check for any malicious code that may have been uploaded. If we find anything we make it so that it is inert by putting it in a quarantine state.


This is like Antivirus for servers, they use a vast network of servers to better understand what the threats are and as a result are very effective at protecting them.

Managed Firewall

Do you need your site to show up to users in North Korea? Well they can’t see it because there are places in the world that we don’t allow connections to our network from. This technique reduces malicious hacking attempts by over 90%!

Brute Force Protection

Fail2ban is a tried and true way to protect against the daily emerging threats a server needs to have. We automatically ban the IP addresses of anyone who tries to access the server with the wrong credentials too many times.


Because WordPress is now such a big part of what we do we have fully integrated it into our Server Control Panel so that you can:

Easy Install

Setup a new WordPress instance in 2 minutes without having to ever see a line of code (100% GUI enabled, point and click install)

Core WP Updates

With this feature is enabled, WordPress will automatically update itself so you will never forget to do it ever again.

Plugin & Theme Updates

Similar to the above item, you have the option to enable this auto-update feature for all your Plugins and Themes too (very few other providers offer this).

Security Scanner

We have an easy to use tool that you can use to point and click your way through making your site compliant with the most important best practices around WordPress Security.

Workflow Management

Plesk has established itself as the undisputed leader in rolling out advanced tools like the ability to move WordPress from staging to Production in just one click!

Easy WordPress Staging Site

Setup a WordPress staging site with 4 simple steps using your Plesk Control Panel.