How to Speed Up Your Website & Rank higher on Google

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Aside from a slow website being annoying in this day and age it’s actually a liability as Google will rank your site lower than faster ones.

Recently we’ve partnered with both Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt so that all of our shared hosting customers have access to Free SSL certificates and the Pro version of Cloudflare (not just the free version). It’s important to note that the Pro version of Cloudflare is in our view 100% necessary to achieve the desired result, here’s why:

  1. Image Optimization – Dramatically reduces site load times (more)
  2. Mobile Optimization – Google ranks sites that do this higher (more)
  3. SSL Support – A must have for exceptional SEO results & e-commerce applications (more)
  4. Web Application Firewall & OWASP ModSecurity (more)

Here’s a simple table of all the benefits you receive with you use CloudFlare Pro (for FREE with

Global CDNAvailable
Static Content Caching
IPv4 / IPv6
Always OnlineWeekly3 Days3 DaysDaily
Rocket LoaderDailyHourlyHourlyHourly
SPDY Support
Image Optimization
Mobile Optimization
Threat Protection
Comment Spam Protection
Content Scraping Protection
Block by IP Range
Basic DDoS Protection
SSL Support
Web Application Firewall
OWASP ModSecurity
Advanced DDoS
Analytics UpdatesDaily15 Minutes15 Minutes15 Minutes
Typical cost
(USD per month)
Free$15-$20$25 USD$250 USD
Dynamic Chargesn/aFREE!CallCall

You can compare all the plans on the Cloudflare site: here

Using this technique we’ve helped 100’s of customers increase the speed of their sites and achieve better Google Rankings as a result. We even found doing this helped us get on the first page of Google for Canadian Web Hosting and this is how we did it. This was how GTMetrix ranked our site before we started using Cloudflare & Let’s Encrypt:


And this is how we rank now! 


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