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Looking to join a lucrative Web Hosting Affiliate Program? You get a fixed reward of up to $500 for every customer you refer to us. That’s it, as simple as it sounds, one time per customer. This is the default plan and by far the most popular way to go if you are a web developer / designer. Sign up for our Web Hosting Affiliate Program and get started in under 1 minute!

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Unique Tracking Links

Our affiliate system generates a unique tracking link for every affiliate. Share your unique tracking link, and start earning commission on sign-ups right away.

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Signing up for our affiliate rewards program is free for everyone. Simply follow our signup instructions, and get started within minutes.

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Once you join our team, the sky is the limit for your commission earnings. Simply refer clients to Dynamic Hosting, and watch your earnings grow.



It’s as simple as signing for an account here: LINK then go to the “Affiliate” area, enable your affiliate account and you will be off to the races in seconds! We offer the following affiliate models:


Keep it Simple:
You get a fixed reward (up to $500 bucks!) for every customer you sign up with us. That’s it, as simple as it sounds, one time per customer. This is the default plan and by far the most popular way to go if you are a web developer / designer.


~ OR ~


Recurring Revenue Stream:
You can opt into the perpetual renewable revenue sharing program that gives you up to %15 of what is sold for as long as they are our customer. This is more popular if you are more of an IT consultant selling solutions like backup and/or cloud.


The fine Print:
This program is very lucrative and as a result we realize that some folks out there may try to take advantage of the offer so we do have some controls in place to prevent abuse. If you use common sense and use the program as intended you won’t have any problems. But for those who want to know the details, this is what the key points of all the legalese translates into around this part of our terms of service agreement:


#1 You can’t Sell to yourself: Great idea: if you were to make a Gmail account and then sell a bunch of stuff to yourself as an affiliate right? Nope! if you are caught doing this your account may be suspended or terminated.


#2 Existing Customers: What’s done is done, if you have any ideas around having clients cancel just to re-signup again so that you can make some hay then think again.


#3 No Double Dipping: What’s happens if your customer decides that they want to become an affiliate as well? In this case Item #2 in this list is to your benefit. They are more than welcome to become affiliates as well but any given deal can only ever have one affiliate. This also applies to


#4 You get paid when we do: If for any reason the client that is referred is unable or unwilling to pay for the service than unfortunately that reality will be passed on to you. We pay our our rewards only after we’ve been paid as a result.


#5 No Gaming The System: If someone was so inclined, they could devise a strategy to take advantage of our offer. The intent is you should be rewarded once (or ongoing) for your referral (and not both). For this reason, we want to be clear that switching between plans is not something that will be done without some scrutiny to ensure that everything is on the up and up.

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How Does It Work?

Add your unique tracking link to your website, and start referring clients to Dynamic Hosting. We pay 50% of the signup as a once-off commission for each signup. The more clients you refer to us, the more money you make.

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We staff our phones 24/7 because we know you don’t do the regular 9-5 thing either. We will respond immediately that we received your ticket and follow up within an hour after that (typically less).