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If your Website is sluggish, your contact us form stopped working last year, your email isn’t getting through, and you think your site has some kind of an issue where search engines like Google can’t see it correctly this may be the solution for you.

What’s included:

  • A full site backup (with databases if they exist)
  • We scan your site for malware and server malfunctions/vulnerabilities
  • We Optimize your database (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, & more)
  • Upgrade WordPress (and any plugins & Themes) to the latest version
  • Check that your site is following security best practices
  • Ensure that you are using the best PHP version and caching solutions like Nginx
  • Check an array of server settings to ensure your site is correctly using Gzip, Minify, & Image optimization techniques
  • Solve and minor issues with things like broken contact forms & such
  • Provide a high level check that your site is SEO friendly

What’s Not Included:

  • Web Design, we are not web designers / developers and would recommend one of our trusted web design partners if you require this type of work
  • Complex coding issues, if the issues with your site require advanced or complex debugging to remedy it would be considered out of scope of this offer.


The very first thing we will do after being hired and provided access will be to determine if we can solve some of the problems you may be having. If we aren’t confident we can do so, we will let you know up front and if you decide not to continue your money will  be refunded in it’s entirety.

It should be understood that having backups is very important, it does not increase the security of your website; it allows you to recover in the event of a failure and restore to a last known good point.

Keeping your site updated does have significant security and performance benefits, but it is only one part of the puzzle. We offer no guarantee that you’ll be completely safe from security threats as a result.


We 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results when complete, if not you can expect a full refund.

Website Tune-Up: $79.95

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