WordPress Hosting Canada

Are you looking for WordPress Hosting in Canada? Host your WordPress Website with Canada’s Green WordPress Web Host. Looking to move your WordPress website and email to us? We will migrate your website, and up to 5 email accounts for free with purchase of all annual WordPress Plans

Canadian WordPress Hosting Plans

  • WP Pro

  • $34.95/mo
    • WordPress Pre-Installed
    • Easy Staging Sites
    • FREE SSL
    • 100’s of WordPress Themes
    • Free Domain For Life
    • 1 Hour Setup Call
    • Jetpack

  • WooCommerce

  • $19.95/mo
    • WordPress Pre-Installed
    • Easy Staging Sites
    • FREE SSL
    • Storefront Theme Pre-Installed
    • Woocommerce Pre-Installed
    • Free Domain For Life
    • 1 Hour Setup Call



We specialize in making our servers optimized for WordPress, here’s how:

  • Nginx – is a high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy. It’s known for its ability to be very high performing that makes your website typically 50% to 150% faster!
  • Gzip Compression – This reduces response times by reducing the size of the HTTP response.
  • Browser Caching – Every time your browser loads a page it has to download all the files to display it. This technology makes it so that your browser remembers those files so your site is much faster!
  • PHP7 – As soon as a great technology like this is available we implement it so that you can benefit from it without delay.

WordPress Security


WordPress out of the box has some security challenges, that’s why we’ve introduced the following security measures most others don’t!

  • Malware Scanning – Every night we scan our servers to check for any malicious code that may have been uploaded. If we find anything we make it so that it is inert by putting it in a quarantine state.
  • BitNinja – This is like Antivirus for servers, they use a vast network of servers to better understand what the threats are and as a result are very effective at protecting them.
  • Managed Firewall – Do you need your site to show up to users in North Korea? Well they can’t see it because there are places in the world that we don’t allow connections to our network from. This technique reduces malicious hacking attempts by over 90%!
  • Brute Force Protection – Fail2ban is a tried and true way to protect against the daily emerging threats a server needs to have. We automatically ban the IP addresses of anyone who tries to access the server with the wrong credentials too many times.
  • Backup Time Machine – This is unique to Dynamic Hosting, we store our nightly backups for 90+ days! (as far as we know no other provider does more than 30!) This is important because if your site did have an issue and you needed to roll it back to 62 days ago we can do that for you, no problem!



Because WordPress is now such a big part of what we do we have fully integrated it into our Server Control Panel so that you can:

  • Easy Install – Setup a new WordPress instance in 2 minutes without having to ever see a line of code (100% GUI enabled, point and click install)
  • Core WP Updates – With this feature is enabled, WordPress will automatically update itself so you will never forget to do it ever again
  • Plugin & Theme Updates – Similar to the above item, you have the option to enable this auto-update feature for all your Plugins and Themes too (very few other providers offer this)
  • Security Scanner – We have an easy to use tool that you can use to point and click your way through making your site compliant with the most important best practices around WordPress Security.
  • Workflow Management – Plesk has established itself as the undisputed leader in rolling out advanced tools like the ability to move WordPress from staging to Production in just one click!
  • Easy WordPress Staging Site – Setup a WordPress staging site with 4 simple steps using your Plesk Control Panel.

WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source award winning Content Management System (CMS). It is free to use and has a sleek, user-friendly interface for designing websites and blogs. WordPress is also the most widely used CMS for website design and management.

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins are pieces of software which are designed to add a function or group of functions to your website. These plugins are developed by WordPress and third party developers. Plugins can be sourced from the WordPress Plugin Directory. An example of a WordPress Plugin is Woocommerce. Great care is to be taken when sourcing a WordPress Plugin for your website, as poorly developed and updated plugins are usually the source for malware (Read More).

What are WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes are collections of templates and stylesheets with a primary function of defining your website appearance. Just like WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes are developed by WordPress and third parties. WordPress Themes can be source from the WordPress Theme Directory, or from third party developers like Elegant Themes. If you are looking for a paid plugin, we highly recommend Divi.

Can I Transfer My Existing WordPress Website?

YES! We offer free migrations to our servers with all annual WordPress Web Hosting orders. Send us a message and we will be happy to migrate your WordPress Website to our servers.

How Do I Get Started After Signing Up?

After you signup for one of our WordPress Hosting Services, you will receive an email containing information to access your Plesk Control Panel, as well as your WordPress login. All sign ups are automated, and there is no action needed on your part to Install WordPress. Simply place your order, and start designing with the help of our WordPress tutorial! If you do require any assistance, feel free to reach out to our support staff 24/7.

How Do I Get WordPress Help?

Dynamic Hosting is happy to help with WordPress issues as they relate to your web hosting. Our team is knowledgable with plugins and themes, and is able to provide assistance with sourcing and installing high quality, secure plugins and themes. If you are looking for professional services for WordPress Website Design, we have a list of Trusted Web Design Partners who specialize in WordPress Website Design and will be happy to help you.

24/7 Canadian Based Support

We staff our chat 24/7 because we know you don’t do the regular 9-5 thing either. We will respond immediately that we recieved your ticket and follow up within an hour after that (typically less).